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USA/Ireland: Steven Soderbergh, 2011

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MAD MEN - SEASON 5 (8/10)

USA: Various Directors, 2012 (Created by Matthew Weiner)

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USA/South Africa: Josh Trank, 2012

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In this Movie Matters Mini episode, co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie turn their attention to one of the most anticipated films of the year: Ridley Scott's return to the universe he helped to create in PROMETHEUS, the long-awaited prequel to ALIEN starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. In this free-flowing discussion, Lee and Michael take a detailed look at the already contentious sci-fi blockbuster and where it fits into the Alien series.

The music sampled in this episode is from PROMETHEUS by Harry Gregson-Williams.

Created by Lee Howard & Michael Mackenzie
Edited by Michael Mackenzie

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


USA: Ridley Scott, 2012

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PROMETHEUS raises as many questions as it answers. I'm unsure the choices made to expand/explain 'Alien' universe enrich rather than reduce. What is clear in immediate aftermath of seeing PROMETHEUS; it makes ALIEN even more of a masterpiece in comparison. Simple idea executed to perfection.

The Count's Verdict: Arguably the most anticipated film of the year deserves to be seen and delivers Scott's trademark visual excellence but the script just isn't anywhere near good enough.

To hear a more in-depth consideration of the film and more detail about my responses to PROMETHEUS, check out the Movie Matters podcast at

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