Sunday, 1 July 2007


Hello and welcome to my brand new site Moody Movies!

After a period of extended slumber and inactivity I have decided to begin anew and start a fresh website. You can still access my old blog at and over the coming weeks I'll be migrating over any posts I wish to keep. So please add to your bookmarks/favourites and I'll endeavour to post news, reviews and other general comment on the world of film and much, much more besides.

Why the long silence in the first place? The short answer is simply that I have recently relocated to London and my free time was taken up with the move. I also have a tendency to procrastinate and this often leads to several other items demanding my attention. However, it is still my ardent wish to have a space all my own on the Internet to write a few words on the things I enjoy. Thus my resolution shall be to manage my time better from now on. This will allow me to develop something of a routine and hopefully post more regularly. As always your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Best wishes

Count Fosco


Whiggles said...

Found you again!

Is this to be your permanent blog from now on? If so, I'll change the link on my site to point to it instead of your old one.

Count Fosco said...

Hey Whiggles!

It is intended as such. However, like always I'm finding it tough going to actually make the time to sit down and post. Although, yes this shall be my blog from now on and I am determined it shall be home to all my film and other general musings. So please do update the links.

Cheers fella.