Friday, 10 October 2008


UK/Spain/USA/Germany: Ridley Scott, 2005

IMDB reference


Whiggles said...

Hey, did you watch the theatrical cut or the director's cut? If you've only seen the former, I urge you to check out the latter as soon as possible. It's so much better it's practically a different movie.

Count Fosco said...

Hey Whiggles, good to hear from you. Yes it was the theatrical version of the film. I am aware there is a 4-disc extended director's cut edition available on DVD and I've been toying with the idea of picking it up. However, as much as I rate Ridley Scott as a director I wanted to check out this film, in any form, first.

I did enjoy it despite its narrative flaws on a purely visual level. I can definitely see the need for a longer more plot driven version though and will seek it out in the near future. Thanks for the comments.