Saturday, 14 January 2012


UK: Steve McQueen, 2011

A film praised by many for its unflinching look at difficult and adult themes. A dominating central performance by Michael Fassbender and assured direction from Steve McQueen. A subtle and effective score. However, despite all this SHAME left me cold and underwhelmed. It felt overlong, under-written, forced in its foregrounding of long takes, ditto male nudity and ultimately devoid of any engaging characterisations. Shame.

The Count's Verdict: Moments to admire on a technical level include long single take scenes and lingering close-ups but if your someone who prefers some investment in characters in said scenes look elsewhere.


the danman can said...

Is that right?
Not as great as everyone claims?

Count Fosco said...

I appreciated some of its technical accomplishments but felt unmoved by its characters.