Sunday, 22 July 2012


USA/UK: Christopher Nolan, 2012

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has one of those rarities of mainstream Hollywood blockbuster cinema: a strong and stirring ending. Good job too as plenty of flaws preceded it in this Nolan helmed finale for the caped crusader.

The problems of both BATMAN BEGINS and to an even greater degree THE DARK KNIGHT are increasingly present here (uneven plot structure, wayward pacing, too many villains). However, like many, my love for Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer's revision and cinematic revival of the Batman wins out against my rationality. Yes, it is far from perfect and is undoubtedly the weakest film in the trilogy but it remains a total blast.

Although even my long standing affection for the material and my high esteem for Nolan can't forgive the casting of Marion Cotillard. I had issues engaging with her performance in INCEPTION and her inability to convey credible emotion is even more evident in her vapid display here. Not wanting to give away too much of the plot but in a key scene toward the climax of this film Cotillard is truly, excruciatingly awful!

I'm also not keen on Bane as a character (despite having a lot of affection for actor Tom Hardy) and actually found him to be one of the least interesting villains of any superhero film I've seen.

The Count's Verdict: Definitely got bum notes (especially Marion Cotillard's performance). But if you like Nolan's vision of Batman you'll love it!

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