Sunday, 12 August 2012


Original Title: Cattive inclinazioni
Italy: Pierfrancesco Campanella, 2003

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A 'modern giallo' featuring genre stalwarts Florinda Bolkin and Franco Nero as well as TENEBRAE's own bizarrely apostrophed transsexual performer Eva Robin's in a leading role should be reason enough to recommend this film. Sadly, 'Cattive Inclinazioni' or BAD INCLINATION as its known in English is quite possibly the worst giallo film I've ever seen.

Overlooking the cheap TV visuals, the unconvincing gore make-up and the ridiculous suspense-less plot one can't fail to be dismayed by the complete lack of direction or any discernible acting talent which mires virtually every scene. Instead you get static, limp shots of wooden, clunky acting all of which linger too long inducing a state of narcolepsy in the spectator. The horrendous English dub contributed to this amatuerish bland factor no doubt but even leaving that matter aside, BAD INCLINATION is one of those films which is so mind numblingly awful you're only recourse is to laugh uncontrollably at the nonsensical mess which is unfolding on the screen before you.

The inclusion of nudity in the form of various boobs shots call back to American slashers of the 80s and BAD INCLINATION even ramps up this cheesy sleaze  factor to include several sex scenes akin to the late-night soft-core dross Channel 5 used to churn out.

The Count's Verdict: Forget the misleading pedigree of this film as everyone involved is plumming the depths of the giallo barrel. Only seek it out if, like me, you can find humour in the complete ineptitude on display.

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