Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Returning from work this evening I was delighted to find a trio of DVDs waiting for me. The discs come courtesy of a DVD online rental company used by my girlfriend. Luckily, we both add titles to our 'wanted list' and two of my choices have appeared at the top of the queue. The films I've managed to obtain copies of are Pedro Almodovar's Law of Desire, Don't Look Now by Nicolas Roeg and finally, Two Weeks Notice directed by Marc Lawrence. I'll let you guess which one you think is my girlfriend's choice.

I must say I'm particularly looking forward to sitting down and watching Don't Look Now, having previously only caught glimpses of the film on television. This is the Region 2 special edition and will undoubtedly present this classic film in a superior presentation to that of which I've seen before. Excellent.

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