Monday, 28 January 2008


Finding myself mired in a bout of post-Xmas blues I decided to treat myself to Jimmy Carr: Stand Up. I'd won the disc a week or so ago on eBay and was relieved to find it waiting for me, sealed and new, upon returning from work today.

I've always enjoyed live comedy shows and find comedians who can actually make you laugh a rare breed indeed. I'd be rather self-indulgent and too depressive to claim to have more than your normal every day worries, however, like most people I appreciate a good laugh to escape from the daily grind every now and then. Thus, I thought it was the perfect time to complete my Jimmy Carr collection, having previously inherited Jimmy Carr: Live upon moving in with my girlfriend and buying her the new Jimmy Carr: Comedian for Christmas.

Actually, I can thank my girlfriend for getting me into Jimmy Carr in the first place back in 2006. I had always found him mildly amusing when encountering one of his many TV show appearances but once I had watched his first DVD, Jimmy Carr: Live, I was delighted to discover another precious addition to my small number of cherished funny men.

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