Tuesday, 13 December 2011


aka Terror Eyes
USA: Ken Hughes, 1981

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Rather slow and relatively tame slasher film which bafflingly was identified as a 'video nasty' by the DPP during the 80s in Britain. The plot does boast a playfully bizarre 'head hunter' killer, dressed in bikers' black leather and helmet, brandishing a machete who decapitates victims to stage grisly tableaux featuring water akin to an ancient African ritual. NIGHT SCHOOL also has some memorable kills with the stalk and slash sequence set in an aquarium a particular stand out. Finally, the film is notable for the debut appearance of actress Rachel Ward who gives an unintentionally hilarious wooden performance as the lead.

The Count's Verdict: Worth a watch for 80s slasher enthusiasts otherwise it may prove a little too languid in pace for a more mainstream audience.

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