Monday, 5 December 2011


USA/Canada: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., 2011

IMDB reference

Fairly pointless retread of John Carpenter's own remake of the Howard Hawks original. Carpenter's film brought cutting edge special effects, Cundey's glorious cinematography and an atmosphere of acute paranoia. This latest instalment can't decide whether is a prequel or a straight remake and only manages to mildly entertain before predictably relying on CGI effects to tell its derivative story.

The Count's Verdict: Take it or leave it.


the danman can said...

Same star rating that I gave it.
The Thing '82 is my favorite horror film, so I was actually surprised that I wasn't more offended by this one.
As you said, and the consensus on, this one seems to be a big "meh". I don't think anyone LOVES this one, and I'd find it hard to believe that anyone would.

That poster is great though. Is that for the UK?

Count Fosco said...

I think the poster is a fan created one as I just google image searched 'The Thing' posters and it came up.

Agree with your take on the film. JC's THE THING would be inside my Top 20 Films of All-Time with a bullet.