Thursday, 22 December 2011

DRIVE ****½

USA: Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011

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the danman can said...

YES. 1st time?

Count Fosco said...

Indeed it was a first viewing of DRIVE. I'm frantically trying to cram in screenings of a few more notable 2011 UK releases before locking my final Top 10 Films of 2011 on Dec 31st.

Very pleased to say I found DRIVE better than any of my expectations. I mean I'd heard several good things about it but I really didn't expect it to be to my taste having previously only seen director Nicolas Winding Refn's BRONSON. A film that - apart from Tom Hardy's incredible central performance - I found rather average despite it's stylization.

Thankfully, DRIVE delivered in terms of both style and interesting characters. Plus th score is fantastic. Up there with HANNA as my fav film scores of the year.

Merry Christmas by the way and a Happy New Year!

the danman can said...

The Hanna score kicks major ass.
I like The Chem Bros. a lot.