Monday, 19 December 2011

DEXTER - SEASON 6 (8/10)

USA: Various Directors, 2011 (Developed by James Manos Jr. and created by Jeff Lindsay)

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As watchable as ever, hence the generous 8/10 rating, but in actuality this has proved to be the weakest season of DEXTER so far. This season's theme of religion used to underpin the murder plot was ultimately empty and long out stayed its welcome. Plus the later 'romantic' developments with Deb were nothing short of insulting. The season 6 Finale proved a mixed bag too with the dark potential of the final confrontation between Dexter and Travis being very anticlimatic. However, the season ended with a much needed final reveal which promises much for season 7.

Thankfully, Michael C. Hall's portrayal of the titular character is as strong as ever and the resonate subplot exploring a father and son relationship (Harry & Dexter/ Dexter & Harrison) continues to emerge as the show's true heart.

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