Saturday, 10 December 2011


USA: Todd Phillips, 2011

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I caught up with 2009's THE HANGOVER back in early 2010 after it had grown to become an impressive Box Office sleeper hit. A rarity for a Hollywood comedy these days and despite it being nothing more than a crass mindless 'lads' film, I did chuckle more than once during its (slightly overlong) running time.

Thus I thought I'd give the inevitable sequel (a third film is also due for release in 2013) a spin. My expectations going in were simply 'I'll be satisfied with more of the same crass mindless humour.' THE HANGOVER 2 does deliver in that regard with most of the laughs coming in the first half of the movie. After that the characters and the non-existent plot seem to out stay their welcome with the chortles soon running out. I'm not a big fan of Bradley Cooper but I'm more than willing to suspend disbelief in order to shout "you're a complete twat" at the TV whenever his smug over-exposed face ever appears on screen. Actually, seeing an actor I find irritating being very irritating its strangely cathartic and I count my irrational dislike of 'The Coop' one of the guilty pleasures afforded by these films. Not sure I'll be returning for Part 3 though.

The Count's Verdict: If you liked the first there is enough of the same here to entertain you. If you didn't like THE HANGOVER then avoid this sequel and move on.

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